Gearoid Hegarty in a navy t-shirt with 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 in white on the front.  He is holding a hurley in both hands and looking directly at the camera with clear sky behind him.
推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 Graduate and Man of the Match in the All 爱尔兰 Hurling Final 2022 Gearoid Hegarty
Wednesday, July 27, 2022

推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 President Professor Kerstin Mey has declared her enormous pride in the fact that no less than 38 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 students and alumni were involved in the All-爱尔兰 Hurling and Football Finals.

All four counties participating in the two thrilling contests had 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 students and graduates among their ranks, including the two Man of the Match award recipients, Gearoid Hegarty (Hurling) and David Clifford (Football). Both also made eight point contributions in their respective finals, Hegarty with 1-5 and Clifford with 0-8.

推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 students and graduates involved in the Hurling Final were:

十大网堵靠谱网址平台: Michael Casey, Colin Coughlan, 罗里达夫, 亚当的英语, 肖恩·芬恩, Declan Hannon, 凯尔·海耶斯, Gearoid Hegarty, Michael Houlihan, David McCarthy, 丹Morrisey, 汤姆Morrisey, 巴里·墨菲, 巴里·纳什, Aidan O Connor, William O Donoghue, Brian O Grady, Cathal O Neill, Oisin O Reilly, 马克•昆兰.

基尔肯尼: Michael Carey, 康纳福格蒂, Martin "Mossy" Keoghan, 里奇莱希, 院长梅森, 艾伦•墨菲, 最后沃尔什

推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 students and alumni from last weekend’s All-爱尔兰 Football Final were :

克里: David Clifford, 大卫·莫兰, 保罗•墨菲, Brian O Beaglaioch, 乔·欧康纳, Donal O Sullivan, Stefan Okunbor, 宾夕法尼亚州沃伦, 加文白.

高威: Conor Flaherty , Jack Glynn.

推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 President Professor Kerstin Mey said: “To say that we are proud of our representation in the two All-爱尔兰 finals is an understatement. To have had 38 of the very best young hurlers and footballers who are students and graduates of 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 participate in what were incredible sporting spectacles illustrates the role the university has played in the development of not just great athletes but great leaders. Helping young men and women to become their very best is something we are extremely proud and not just in a sporting context of course.

“But 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 is 爱尔兰’s sporting campus and many of the players across the two Sundays previously wore the 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 jersey with pride in both the Sigerson and Fitzgibbon Cup competitions. They spent some key development years with us here and we have no doubt that the very best facilities and coaching available to them at 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 helped them along their amazing journeys.

“It is now the turn of the female athletes with just as large 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 representations on both the Ladies Football and the Camogie squads over the next two weekends and I want to wish them the best of luck from the 推荐全球十大网堵正规平台 community.”